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It’s all happening on September 27, 2014!!!

We are proud to be participating in cassettestoredayus this year with a special collection of brotherjt demos called Lo Bias Hi Noise. Peep the list of stores and releases, we are proud to be in such good company.

Eww Yaboo performing Lost for Soo Long at Arts on the Square in downtown Scranton, PA.


Found a stray Brother JT clear 8” lathe cut in the attic while looking to fill a special request.  Still super stoked about how cool these came out after all these years with @misscassierose ‘s stellar artwork to boot.
Summersteps Records stage at Arts on the Square in Scranton, PA - Saturday July, 26th 2014.  Bands pictured L-R are Kid Icarus, Cold Coffee, Eww Yaboo and A Fire With Friends.  A big thanks to the event for having us, the bands that played and all those who came out to support.


EWW YABOO - Stolen Kisses

Not only did I get this letter a few weeks ago, but I got their cassette tape and I’ve listened to it 100 times already in my living room. Here’s why: 

Hello Mark,

My name is Nathan from a band called EWW YABOO.  We are about to put out our first full length on Summersteps Records and I’d love to share it with you. We recorded the entire album at our home and named it “Keep Dreamin’”.  
The title serves as way to address the resistance… The things that keep you from finishing what you started.  The guitarist, Drew Carsillo, and myself  have been playing together off and on since our first band at 13 years old.  We’ve lived together for four years now, using Drew’s childhood home to practice and write/record the album. It took us a year to record and mix, and in the meantime I got to watch my friends grow as artists as well as people. I never realized the benefit of finishing something as tedious as a fully self recorded release. When you’re done and listening to the results I imagine it’s similar to an architect doing the first walk through of a structure they’ve designed and watched grow from the foundation up.  
During this year we saw the seasons change out of the windows, in the summer we sweat and cursed, in the winter we froze our asses off (tube amps double as heaters after 45 minutes!) while just trying to get a good take before heading to our jobs. Since Drew and I started the band during a brief stint living in Brooklyn, there was a mental image that formed. We wanted our releases, especially this first one, to sound like a solid mix tape.  Like a perfect boxing combination, my favorite albums are the kind that pummel you song after song, from different perspectives, sounds and angles.
We carved out our 11 song woolly mammoth from a mass that was 20+ songs, some more developed than others. We started with the rhythm section and I got to see Jared grow from an excellent high energy drummer to somewhat of a studio player, analyzing every aspect of what it he was doing within the songs. After finishing tracking and obsessing over the mixing for a awhile, we chose Mark Kramer to master it. Kramer has been an idol of mine since I first started recording my own music and I was pleasantly surprised at how simple and affordable having him work on our record was. The artwork was done by our former roommate and longtime friend Chris Eastwood.  He was here  when we first started tinkering and is an awesome positive artistic force and inspiration as well.  
To us, the end result of “Keep Dreamin’” represents where we have been as friends, individuals and as a band. We wanted to make a record that reflected all that was happening around us. I can’t be the judge on whether we achieved what we set out to do, but isn’t it about using what inspires you to at least make an attempt? Thanks!
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Keep Dreamin’ 
Nathan Andre/Eww Yaboo
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Release day is upon us. The new Eww Yaboo album is now available for streaming and download. 4 years in the making and mastered by the legendary Kramer (Galaxie 500, Daniel Johnston, etc). Also available as a limited edition cassette for those analog souls among us.

Listen/purchase: Eww Yaboo - Keep Dreamin’ by Summersteps Records

Fresh Summersteps product just arrived!  #cassetteculture #tapes #ewwyaboo
Eww Yaboo’s Keep Dreamin’ test press has landed!

Big news. Eww Yaboo’s new album is NOW available for pre-order! 4 years in the making and mastered by Kramer (Galaxie 500, Low, Daniel Johnston, etc). Do it.

Listen/purchase: Eww Yaboo - Keep Dreamin’ by Summersteps Records

Tigers Jaw - Jet Alone


And I want to walk all over you like a floorboard.
And I want to lie like a politician.
And I want to do those things your friends do.
And I want to be just like them.

Here’s a #tbt from the first Tigers Jaw release.